Why Tea Is The Better Beverage For Daily Use

Mentioned here are just a few important types of tea that you need to have.There are two types of people in this world; tea people and coffee people. But did you know that there is another type? That is the coffee-trying-to-change-to-tea people. This is because of the massive benefits tea can bring to you whereas coffee can bring you certain problems. If you are someone in the third category or even if you are someone in either one of these categories, then this article is a must-read. Here is why you need to try tea and give it a part of your daily life.

Easy to make

If you were to brew coffee, you will either have to get a separate machine or use two or more cups to make it.You will even have to grind the coffee beans. It is not a very simple task to do, especially in the morning with all the work waiting for you. Tea on the other hand is very simple to make. You just need some hot water, a tea bag or some loose leaf tea and a cup. Mix it all and you got yourself a good cup of tea. You can even add sugar if you want but it is far healthier without sugar.

Green tea=healthy bones

Green tea is famous throughout the world. Mostly known for the weight loss it brings you. But, there is a better benefit that this specific organic herbal tea Australia can bring you. And that is the ability to strengthen your bones. That is why many doctors recommend green tea to adults and elders. It can even lessen the risk of osteoporosis.

Calms you down

Caffeine will hype you up. This is not very good. But tea can actually calm you down and help you lead a brighter and a happier life. It helps you rest and take a break from all the hectic tasks. Now, the best type of tea for this is the valerian root tea. This is known to improve the quality of sleep.

No bad bread with black tea

Unsweetened black tea Australia will say bye-bye to your bad breath situation. This is because of the component called polyphenols which it contains. It slows down the plaque formation which causes the bacteria which gives the bad breath. This is a huge relief to all. Knowing that you no longer has to worry about your breath can boost your self esteem and your happiness.These are just a very simple reasons why you should change to tea immediately.