The Various Types Of Shutters

Blinds can help you give a new look to your rooms without doing much in the way of additions. Due to their ability to filter out light, they can immediately give a softer look to any room. Not to add, due to their many varieties and types, they can easily range from chic to home-like. This last point, whilst wonderful in itself, can present somewhat of a conundrum for the first-time buyer. After all, how can you exactly pick one type over the other? The dilemma is well-founded; you do not want to buy the first thing you lay your eyes on (or fall in love with) to later discover it does not fit your room. Below is a quick rundown of the main types of blinds that are popular nowadays:

  • Roman blinds – out of the blinds online people order, one of the most common types is no doubt the Roman blinds Australia. They are basically a single fabric which waterfalls when pulled up. The fact that it is a single fabric allows for almost any kind of custom texture or print to be printed on them – along with any colour coordination. Thus, they are suited to just about any room. Furthermore, they are also easy to clean with a vacuum cleaner due to this one point; more in depth cleaning can be done through a dry cleaning service – or by yourself, if you are careful enough.
  • Venetian blinds – buying custom Venetian blinds online is also very popular. Venetian blinds evoke an old-school, rustic feel to them usually, and they often feature thicker blinds of two inches’ width. They are a type of horizontal blinds, and are usually made of aluminium or vinyl. They also often come with a cord to adjust them; nowadays, however, you can also find automatic ones that function with a remote control. Once again, they are suited to almost any room – especially rooms that need more privacy than others.
  • Roller blinds – Roller blinds are basically the same as roman blinds, the only exception being that instead of scrunching up when pulled up, they neatly roll into a tube located at the top. Once again, they come with a cord, or be controlled with a remote control.
  • Wooden blinds – wooden blinds are probably the most expensive of all types. They are made of polished wood and are usually a type of horizontal blinds. Their price can be somewhat cheaper depending on what wood is used to make them, such as, for example, bamboo. There is a fatal drawback to them in that they do not do well in moist regions. Accordingly, the usage of wooden blinds in kitchens, bathrooms – or even in generally wet locations of the world – is discouraged.