3 Ways To Make Your Wedding Ceremony More Unique And Fun

I am sure that at some point in our life as an adult we have all attended that one wedding where it was completely boring and you were counting the minutes until it was safe to leave the place. No one would obviously want that wedding to be their own wedding so that is why making a wedding fun is important. All weddings are extremely formal apart from a few exceptions but even as it is formal it could still be full of fun and happiness as well. It would be your worst nightmare if you knew somebody wanted to leave your wedding function because it was just too bland and boring, in order to avoid such catastrophes here are some ways by which you can spice up a normal wedding ceremony and make everyone’s dopamine levels go all silly.

Plan on some games

There are various wedding games that you and your guests can freely engage in without no worry but this depends solely on your reception venues as outdoor weddings might make it easier to conduct proper games. There are lawn games like bocci ball and corn whole along with other entertainment forms like a pinata stuffed with wedding necessities for the married couple. Not just the couple but the crowd can also engage in these games all together if the right game is chosen to play and doing so will make an unimaginable bond from between the guests and the couple that neither party would forget for a long time to come.

Live music

We have all noticed that most or a majority of the weddings we go to there are no live music performers but rather recorded music is what is being played. Your wedding receptions might let you get a live performer or band on behalf of them sometimes but if not you can try to find a less expensive performing artist, maybe someone local, to perform at your wedding. Live music is one amazing way of making sure guests are not bored even slightly.

Surprise your guestsKeeping your guests on their toes is always a good thing at a wedding https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Wedding_reception. This would keep them excited and wondering what is going to happen next at the ceremony. You can either plan a surprise dance with your other half or even get a magician, a poet or just a dance troop to perform at your wedding to entertain your lovely wedding guests. This is sure to make them want more of your wedding and would also make sure no one wants to leave.