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shear blades

With a long history as one of Australia’s head suppliers of shear blades accoutrements and delicacy face crushing administrations, Davis and Jenkins has for some time been laid out as a go- to for quality help. We give a delicacy face crushing help that will guarantee a smooth completion for your tackle, be it for essence or paper.

We use just quality tackle for our crushing help, guaranteeing that the task is finished without a hitch and to the specific musts of our recognized guests. We grind every kind of sword corridor, delicacy sword bars and custom chipper blades plates. We offer complete quality blade and face processor administrations to associations across Australia. To sort out for your delicacy crushing should be performed by the stylish in the business, go ahead and reach out to the group at Davis and Jenkins.

Administrations you can trust

At Davis and Jenkins, we’ve sapience in delicacy face crushing the accompanying crushing, shining and honing laceration, water driven shear blades, essence shear sharp edges, sword knives, scrap copters and factory sharp edges. Restoring, shining, dealing with and resurfacing extremity demands.

 Exercising responding processors and huge face processors as Melbourne’s driving supplier of delicacy faces crushing administrations, you can believe chipper blades that when you reach out to the group at Davis and Jenkins for a help that we will take care of business effectively. With an appreciation of such a large number of assiduity tackle and an enthusiasm for treating each piece of gear with a significant degree of care, you can trust the group at Davis and Jenkins to have your tackle smooth and set for use.

 Make an delicacy face crushing booking moment

 On the off chance that you might want to make a reserving for an delicacy face crushing help from Davis and Jenkins or have any farther enquiries about our administration, go ahead and reach out to our well-conditioned inclined and probative shear blades Australian group. Call us on 61 3 9499 2858 or present an enquiry structure on our contact runner and we will hit you up with all the data you bear.

Davis and Jenkins has late model delicacy crushing machines

  • 4 delicacy circular blade crushing machines.
  • 4 REFORM and GOECKEL delicacy straight blade crushing machines.
  • 1 Ajax Large limit face crushing machine.


Our late model processors produce a straight, shear blades position slant (no waviness). This implies that the stropped edge will be better than a ragged, little limit machine.

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